What to eat in Norway: 5 typical dishes to try.


Traveling in Norway, fortunately, is now a very common thing and a little appreciated by everyone; and surely you too, who are reading this article, will have faced at least once a trip to Norwegian land. One thing I love to do on my solo travels, wherever I am in the world, is to try and discover the local cuisine. It makes me happy and helps me to satisfy my irrepressible curiosity.

As well as being a fun dining experience, tasting typical Norwegian cuisine also helps you discover the real local culture. My curiosity often leads me to order typical local dishes that I don’t even know and that I can’t even pronounce; I order directly from the menu indicating it with my index! Traveling, experiencing and exploring also means this.

Norwegian cuisine is certainly not as famous and appreciated in the world as the Italian one, but, in my opinion, it has some peculiarities and characteristics that will further make you fall in love with this country. Thanks to globalization, it has become quite easy to eat dishes from any country, wherever you are in the world. But what could be better than tasting true Norwegian flavors during your trip to Norway?

Close your eyes and imagine that you have just returned from a long and tiring hike in the midst of the beautiful Norwegian snowy landscapes; you sit in one of the tiny, warm and characteristic restaurants and order a nice hot dish, such as reindeer or lamb stew; a real dream? If you can’t think of anything nicer then here is a complete guide for more information on what to eat in Norway.


Salmon represents the most obvious and immediate answer to the question of “what to eat in Norway?”, There are hundreds of recipes to cook this delicious fundamental ingredient of Norwegian cuisine. Among the most famous and traditional ways, we certainly find those marinated, smoked or fresh.

In my opinion, like many millions of other travelers, the Røkt laks, that is the real smoked salmon, and not that of the supermarket packs, is the most coveted and enjoyed. Eating smoked salmon in a typical Norwegian restaurant, in addition to spending several euros, also means tasting the real Norwegian salmon fillet, which has been hand-smoked in a wood-fired smokehouse. The flavor will be truly divine, a true culinary experience for your palate.


Among the typical dishes to try in Norway and among the most enterprising and particular, we certainly find reindeer meat. A dish that, just to hear about it, does not arouse great appeal, especially for us Italians, but you must know that in the north of the country live over 200,000 reindeer, bred by the Sami people and, for Norwegians, reindeer meat is like pork for us Italians!

Reindeer meat is often used in traditional dishes and stews. In Norwegian cuisine, reindeer meat is quite lean, tasty and slightly dry, a characteristic that makes it perfect and unmissable in some good stew, when perhaps a snowstorm is looming outside and temperatures plummet below freezing.


Another typical dish of Norwegian cuisine, and which cannot be missing in your culinary journey in this beautiful land is Fårikål. Very common dish especially during the Christmas holidays. Tradition has it that this dish must be prepared calmly and the day before, because according to the Norwegians the dish is tastier and tastier the next day.

Fårikål is a dish made with covered cabbage and lamb meat, which is often substituted for sheep. Together with these two main ingredients, whole black pepper is added and often a little wheat flour, it is cooked over low heat for several hours in a typical ceramic casserole.Traditionally this dish is served together with boiled potatoes with the peel to fully guarantee the persistence of the flavor.


One of the must-have seafood dishes on our list of what to eat in Norway is Norwegian king crab. It is a typical crustacean especially from the area of ​​Kirkenes, north-east of Norway; it is a giant crustacean in the true sense of the word, which can weigh up to 6/7 kg. Eating it in Norway is considered a luxury and a real privilege, given the very high cost and the small areas where you can find this recipe!

The perfect situation to enjoy this exquisite dish would be to join one of the many excursions around Kirkenes, where you can drive a snowmobile on the frozen fjord, fish for giant crabs with your own hands directly in the glacier and taste them in a rustic restaurant near the fjord. Freshly caught and steamed. Slightly expensive experience but, which may be worth the trip alone!


According to the “World Cheese Awards”, (yes, it also exists for cheeses) the best cheese in the world of 2019 is Fanaost Aged-Gouda, from Norway. Another spearhead of Norwegian cuisine are cheeses, you will be spoiled for choice and you will find something for all tastes. One of the most famous and appreciated is the brunos (or brown cheese), an iconic food product of Norwegian cuisine.

Its typical brown color, buttery texture and lingering caramel aftertaste make it exquisite and by far the most consumed cheese in all of Norway. Another cheese to try is Kraftkar (or blue cheese). It is a cheese with an intense and decisive flavor that particularly resembles our gorgonzola.


I am convinced that this little article on what to eat in Norway was fun, stimulating and I hope it was also convincing to make you fall in love with this beautiful land. Exploring Norway must be a mission as well as a pleasure, and delighting your travels with delicious Norwegian cuisine will be a wonderful experience. Try to taste all 5 typical dishes to try that I told you about and you will come back in love with Norwegian cuisine and the “real” Norway.

How to Find and Buy the Freshest Fish in Australia

Cooking and eating fish can be a great way to enjoy a fantastic meal. There are so many different fish varieties out there and so many different shops to buy fish from. The problem that many people have is that they wind up buying fish that is simply not fresh or is just not the best quality. Your otherwise delicious meal comes out tasting mediocre simply because you’re using a bad grade of fish. There are some things in the fresh fish buying guide you should know before you just go to the local shop and buy fish for tonight’s meal.

Where to Buy Fresh Fish

One of the first things you need to do is to know where to buy your fish. Most supermarkets and shops will sell fish, but you should really look carefully before purchasing anything. If the fish can be purchased fresh from behind a glass case, this is a better option than simply buying something that has been frozen and is in the freezer. Frozen fish is often lesser quality and is definitely not as fresh as something you can get from the fish market in the supermarket itself.

The great thing about buying your fish from a specialty shop or from a deli counter is that professionals are working there to help you choose the right fish. If you do not know much about fish or want to know how to prepare a certain type, the best thing for you to do is to make use of one of these counters and ask any questions that you might have. You will find that this makes things easy for you when it comes to creating a delicious meal that the whole family is going to enjoy when you cook it with a scrumptious side dish.

What to Expect from Fresher Fish

Another thing you need to know is that there are many differences between fresh fish and fish that is of lesser quality. One thing would be the actual taste of the fish and the texture of it while you’re eating it. Fish, generally, should not taste fishy in the slightest bit. If the fish does have a slightly fishy taste or odor to it, it could mean that the product is not fresh or is just a bad quality. This is something to consider when buying fish, don’t be afraid to smell it to see if there is a fishy odor to it at all.

One other thing you might expect when buying fresh fish is to pay more for it. This is especially true if you go to an actual fish market and buy the freshest fish possible that particular day. Fresh fish is better quality, so it will definitely cost you more when you actually go to buy it. This is just another thing you might want to think about when you are looking to buy something to cook with for tonight’s dinner for the whole family at home.

Mandy is a stay-at-home mum with 2 children in primary school, in her past time she loves to garden, travel, cook and write blogs for other stay at home mums and anyone with similar interests.

Planning your Holiday to Brazil

Travelling to Brazil can be a great way for you, your friends and your family to simply get away from it all. The most important thing to do before travelling is to know when you’ll be travelling and the different events that you can attend while you’re there. Missing out on some of these must-see events can be a real problem if you want to truly experience everything that Brazil has to offer.


Do your Homework

The Internet can and should be used before going on any type of trip. You want to make sure that you are able to know when certain events will be happening so that you can make your holiday time revolve around that particular event. The way that you can find out information online about events in Brazil is simply searching for them. When you search for events, you will be able to see a list of them and a little description of each. From there, you will also be able to see when exactly these events are happening so that you know to be travelling around that time.

The great thing about learning more on events in Brazil by using the Internet is that you do not need to spend a lot of time on research. Just doing a quick search will come up with dozens of must-see events that you and your family will love. It might also be a good idea for you to make sure that a specific event is kid-friendly if you are going to be bringing small children along with you. Certain events in Brazil can get very rowdy, so it makes sense to learn about these ones before you actually bring children along with you for the fun.

Booking Your Plans

Once you’ve learned more about the different events in Brazil, it is time for you to book your hotel room and flight ahead of time. It is advised that you book all of these things at least a few weeks in advance to save yourself some money for the trip. When you book ahead of time, you are often able to get the absolute best deal that is available to you. Because of this, you can feel good knowing that you did not overspend on your hotel room or flight because you booked it at the last minute.

When booking a flight to Brazil or renting a hotel room, reading reviews and comparing rates should also be a top priority of yours. You want to make sure that the hotel you’re staying in is going to deliver what you want, especially if you’ve never been to Brazil before and do not necessarily know what you should be looking for. Travelling to Brazil on holiday can be a great way to explore new cultures and have a lot of fun. With all of the live events there for you to see, it is easy to come back home with a lot of memories.

Finally, always be sure to take out adequate travel cover before travelling to destinations like Brazil. Although it is generally a safe destination, there is an ever present risk of your possessions being lost or stolen. Ensuring that you are covered will allow you to relax and take in all the sights this beautiful country has to offer.

Every corporate traveller needs to ensure that they are well-rested and free of jetlag, when arriving at their destination. Jetlag can wreak havoc on your personal presentation and overall performance at business meetings and conferences. Follow our simply tips above to notice the real improvements in your quality of life after air travel

Written by John McCarthy

5 Occasions to Celebrate on a Cruise

Going on a cruise is a great way to get away from everything and just have fun. An increasing number of people are choosing to celebrate with a cruise for a range of special life events. Here are the top 5 occasions to celebrate in style on board a cruise.



Why not celebrate your birthday in a unique and special way with a cruise of your choice. From short inland cruises along idyllic riverfronts to long voyages visiting a range of exotic destinations, there’s something for every taste. Your birthday celebration on board allows you to have a party like no other, with plenty of fine dining and exciting entertainment offered throughout the duration of your cruise. See the places you’ve only ever dreamed of, and make your next birthday party one you’ll never forget!


Celebrating an anniversary with your special someone can become the trip of a lifetime with a scenic cruise through the most romantic of locations. Europe offers many river cruises which will take you through the countries famous for love and romance. You and your loved one can spend quality time both on and off the boat, exploring the best that Europe has to offer. Check out Viking River Cruises for an unbeatable way to treat your partner to the ultimate in luxury and sophistication while celebrating your anniversary.


After years of hard work, choosing to celebrate your graduation with a cruise can be a great way to relax and have fun with your friends and family. Some of the most incredible parties happen on board the ship itself, so get involved and celebrate the start of a new chapter in your life! From fun themed dress-up nights to sophisticated cocktail soirees, cruises have it all.


It’s important to celebrate the important milestones in your life, and receiving a hard-earned promotion is definitely one of them! Why not let off some steam with your loved ones by taking a tropical cruise and relaxing on some of the world’s best beaches. With so many cruises being offered throughout the year, keep an eye out for special offers and deals and you’ll be surprised just how affordable an exotic getaway can truly be.

Christmas Party

When your staff have worked hard all year and you’re looking to give them a spectacular Christmas Party to say thanks, don’t forget to consider a cruise. A few days away can bring your team even closer together, while allowing everyone to unwind and celebrate helps to keep staff morale at an unparalleled high. Give your staff a holiday they’ll never forget, and take a cruise for your annual Christmas Party.

There is truly a cruise for every occasion. No matter what you’re celebrating, getting away for a fun and relaxing cruise is the perfect way to create memories that will last you a lifetime. The range of destinations and types of cruises is phenomenal, the only problem will be deciding which one to do first!

Written by Emma Jane