Enjoying the beauty of Thailand through pattaya beach thailand

Pattaya is located at a distance of 150 km to the southeast of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Until the 1960’s, Pattaya Beach is a small fishing village when the people from Bangkok to make the holiday weekend. Now the city is filled with its own Mayor and Administration, Pattaya has something to offer to all tourists are. pattaya beach Thailand is known for its natural beauty, clean pollution free environment, safe night life and lots of seafood. pattaya beach thailand is most famous as a seaside resort. Long stretch of beach polluted and certainly makes for a perfect setting for lazing in the sun to get a suntan bronze. You can stay cool by drinking coconut water and non-alcoholic beverages or alcohol. Indulge in water sports like Parasailing, Water-Ski, Water Scooter, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Boat Motor. There are plenty of activities on the beach to keep you busy all day, if you are interested in small exclusivity, towards Jomtien Beach. It is a little less crowded then the Pattaya Beach. All water sports are available on this beach as well. If nothing interests you, just take the long road along the beach and collect shells as souvenirs.

Here are some of the entertainment and main attractions of pattaya beach Thailand that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Nong nooch Tropical Garden, it has attracted many tourists to various species of orchids, palms and flower garden ornamental plant variety from around the world. The beautiful gardens are ideal for a stroll among the flowers to enjoy the abundant colors and sweet smelling flowers millions. You will be glad to be friends with trained chimpanzees and elephants. Watch out in the Cultural Extravaganza, the event presents an hour of Thai tradition and ceremonies, dances from around the world, sword-fights and Thai kickboxing. The culmination of the entire program is the Elephant Show where the giant animals to ride a bicycle, playing ball and invite you to drag-war.

Sanctuary of Truth, on the coast of Cape Rachvate in Pattaya, look out for the Sanctuary of Truth. It is a palace built on 32 acres of land that is made of carved teak wood depicting the ancient knowledge of the current Thai artists. Built in 1981 with the aim to preserve and revive the ancient knowledge. Sanctuary represents the true relationship between man and the universe, who is the father, mother, earth, sky, moon and stars. Also witness Show Dolphin amazing here. Coral Island or Koh Larn, Koh Larn, or Coral Islands can be achieved on a motor boat or ferry from Pattaya Beach. The island is a great place to enjoy water sports, sunbathing, walking, swimming and watching the sea life underwater kingdom. Look at the coral reefs in glass bottom boat. After a morning full of adventures underwater and the water, enjoy a delicious meal of fresh seafood. Well, pattaya beach Thailand, it is worth considering as an attraction to fill the time your family holiday.